Tuesday, 18 February 2014

Good dudes with Great Moves.

Hello all,

I'd like to take 5 minutes from things to talk about two very talented teams who are producing excellent titles in Scotland.

First up is Space Budgie, creators of the sombre 9.03m, who are making a wonderful logic puzzle game called Glitchspace. If you are a fan of Portal and head scratching then this is right up your street! There's even an alpha demo out in the wilderness (remember demos?).

Check it out on Steam Greenlight here:

Next on the roster is the delightful and talented Team Junkfish.

Their mission is to assist you in filling your pants with the aid of stunning visuals, tense procedural levels and VIRTUAL REALITY (Oculus Rift). So if your more of a horror junkie, consuming games like Slender or Amnesia then you definitely must check this out.

Again, you can vote on Steam Greenlight here:

It's great to see such amazing and creative work come out of Dundee and from people I know.

Cheers bods,